Paul Grogan has been involved in the board games hobby since the mid 80’s and his love of the hobby has been growing ever since. In 2014, he made the decision to step away from his full time IT job to setup Gaming Rules! Limited, a company dedicated to improving rulebooks and creating tutorial videos.

Gaming Rules! has created a wide range of videos covering numerous games. Paul is best known for his tutorials videos and playthroughs but he also does reviews, unboxings, VLOGs and live Q&As. 

These can all be found on the Gaming Rules! YouTube channel, to ensure you don’t miss anything, make sure you subscribe and click the little bell to receive notifications! You can also get updates by following Gaming Rules! on Facebook and Twitter.

Gaming Rules! offers a variety of services to clients within the industry, including:

Rulebook writing, proofreading, and editing
How-to-Play videos
Tutorial and Playthrough videos
Game development and playtesting

To enquire about any of these services please contact Paul on, via messenger through the Gaming Rules! Facebook page, or on Twitter @GamingRulesVids.

Gaming Rules! Patreon Campaign

In addition to commissioned work, Gaming Rules! produces a lot of free content. This is only made possible through the support of Patreon and Paul is extremely grateful to all those who support the channel. If you are interested in becoming a supporter, or for more information on how your support helps the channel, please take a look at the Patreon campaign page