Section1 – Purpose

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an ongoing concern and the recent numbers are showing another increase in cases. As GridCon is an indoor event there are increased risks and this policy outlines the measures we are taking so that attendees can make their own decision as to whether they are comfortable in attending.

Our policy is based on the current legal requirements and should these change prior to the event we will update our Covid policy if needed.

Section 2 – Your responsibilities

UK Government guidance is that visitors take responsibility for their own health and their potential risk to others. Attendees should undertake their own health risk assessment and if uncomfortable with the risk associated with attending they should request a cancellation of their tickets.

Attendees should not attend the event in the following circumstances:

  • If they, are experiencing any of the common symptoms of COVID-19
  • If they are required to self isolate
  • If they think they may have COVID-19
  • If they are concerned the effect exposure to COVID-19 may have on their health
  • If they are uncomfortable with the risk of attending GridCon

While at the event attendees should ensure they follow the measures detailed in this policy and implemented during the event. They should also:

  • Wash their hands thoroughly and frequently during the event
  • Cover their mouth while coughing and sneezing
  • If they develop signs and symptoms of illness while at the event, they should leave and seek medical assistance as appropriate.

If a ticket holder is unable to attend at short notice due to having COVID-19, having COVID-19 symptoms, or having to self isolate we will waive the usual deadline for cancellation of tickets and we will happily refund you.

Section 3 – Measures implemented

The following measures will be implemented during the event and at the venue to help reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Lateral Flow tests

We request that all attendees show proof of a negative lateral flow test on registering at the event. This will apply at the start of the warm-up event (Wednesday 24th November 2021) and the start of the main event (Friday 26th November 2021) or as soon after this as they arrive at the event. The test should be taken within the 12 hours prior to registration and the text or email that you receive after registering the result with the NHS can be shown as proof. Should an attendee obtain a positive lateral flow test they should not attend the event and should instead follow the government’s guidelines. Attendees need to provide their own lateral flow tests (these can be obtained free from pharmacies or by ordering in advance online via the nhs website). Due to the additional checks on lateral flow tests, GridCon registration may take longer than usual so please bear this in mind while arriving at busy times.


To reduce the spread of COVID-19 through airborne particles, all gaming rooms will have doors and some windows open during the event to circulate fresh air. There will be heating in all rooms to help keep the venue a comfortable temperature, however attendees should be prepared for a lower temperature in the rooms should there be inclement weather.

Reduced numbers

Under normal circumstances around 230 tickets would have been made available for sale for each day of the event. To help increase distancing within the venue we have reduced the maximum tickets available to 180 daily attendees, although we expect the actual number to remain lower than this.


The gaming rooms will be cleaned each evening after they have been closed. There will be a deep clean of the rooms on the Thursday evening, between the warmup event and the main event. Hand sanitiser will be available during the event and we request that attendees use this regularly, in addition to washing their hand thoroughly and frequently.


We ask that all attendees that are able to, wear masks while moving around the venue and while not sat at a gaming table. We will also allocate one room for masks to be in constant use, for those attendees who feel more comfortable wearing masks at all times. Should this room become busy during the event, we will extend this policy to a second room.