GridCon is a gaming convention in Devon, UK hosted by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! Having outgrown Paul’s house, the convention is now held at a venue and is open to the public to attend. GridCon is an open gaming event, with a focus on modern board games, so bring along your favourites to play with other people.

Three events are planned for 2019:

Charity Games Day: A 1-day gaming event that took place in May 2019. Will return in 2020.

TING (This Is Not GridCon): A 2-day gaming event from Friday 5th July 2019 to Saturday 6th July 2019. This event will be replaced in 2020 by GridCon 2

GridCon 1: A 3-day gaming event from Friday 29th Nov to Sunday 1st Dec.

Please click on the sections above to get more information about each event. If you are on facebook, please sign up to the GridCon facebook group: