Virtual GridCon took place from the 26th to the 28th June 2020 after we had to cancel the live convention due to Covid 19.

Thank you to everyone who attended or tuned into the live streams and Q&As. We hope you had wonderful time.

The GridCon discord server will remain live, so that people can continue to discuss and arrange games, however it will not be monitored continuously.

What happened at GridCon?

In addition to open gaming, we are organised a number of features to make Virtual GridCon a fun convention for all.

Exclusive Demos of upcoming games
Thank you to those who chose to demo their new and upcoming games!

Games Organiser
The games organiser, enabled people to arrange games in advance of the convention. This will be removed on the 15th July so please ensure you have taken any information you need from it before then.

Bring and Buy
We also had a Bring and Buy system for people to arrange independent sales of games. Any data remaining in the system will be removed on 15th July, to give people time to complete any pre-arranged sales.

Charity Raffle

We ran a charity raffle in aid of the Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network. This was a bigger success than we could have possibly imagined and we want to thank each and every person who donated. The donations ended up at over £10,000!

The raffle will be drawn soon and we will update the facebook group and this page once the winners have been chosen.

If you would like to make a donation to this charity, please have a look at their website and see the amazing work that they do.

Gaming Rules! Live Streams
There were a number of live streams throughout the weekend, including a game of Under Falling Skies with two of the teenagers who are supported by the Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network. Check out the Gaming Rules! YouTube channel to watch these.

Games Retailer
GamesLore was present as a virtual retailer, and offered discounts to Virtual GridCon attendees.