Due to Covid, Virtual GridCon 2, was held online from the 27th to 29th November 2020, in place of a physical convention.

Virtual GridCon 2 was three days of gaming, using various ways to play games online. We hope that everyone who attended Virtual GridCon 2 enjoyed playing games throughout the convention, despite the fact that we were unable to do so in person.

The convention was run via a Discord server, which enabled attendees to arrange games, meet up at ‘tables’ and even have a chat in the virtual bar area. We asked everyone who attended Virtual GridCon to abide by the same rules as at GridCon itself, and show people the same respect and courtesies that they would as if they were at the live convention.

For updates about future Gridcon events, please join the GridCon facebook group.

What happened at Virtual GridCon?

In addition to open gaming, we organised a number of features to make Virtual GridCon a fun event for all.

Games Organiser
The games organiser helped people to arrange games in advance of the convention. It was not a requirement for games to be organised in advance, but we knew that some people feel more comfortable to have a plan in place, and if you’re one of those people then the games organiser is for you.

Charity Fundraising
Although Virtual GridCon 2 was free to attend, asked that attendees considered making a donation to charity. Virtual GridCon 2 supported the charity Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network, and you can donate to them via the Just Giving page here. You can find out more about the great things this charity does on their website.

Gaming Rules! Live Streams
There were a number of live streams by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules!, featuring some new releases along with some older classics. All these videos can still be watched on Gaming Rules! YouTube channel.

Partnership with LoBsterCon
LoBsterCon 20, hosted by our friends at London On Board, would have also been taking place the same weekend. So we joined forces to bring you this online event together and we were pleased to welcome LoBsterCon attendees to Virtual GridCon 2.
LoBsterCon will be hosted a quiz on Saturday evening and sold some merchandise to raise additional money for charity. For the full details of this see the LoBsterCon website.

Games Retailer
GamesLore featured as the virtual retailer at the event and offered an exclusive discount code for use over the Virtual GridCon weekend.

Bring and Buy
We had a Bring and Buy system for people to arrange independent sales of games. Whilst we were happy to offer this to GridCon attendees, this was for use at your own discretion and we do not monitor the bring and buy, nor do we take any responsibility for the sales that are arranged using it.