Update – 26 September 2021

It has been a while since our last update, so we wanted to let you know where things are right now. Back in June, we were very hopeful that GridCon 2 this November would be able to run without any restrictions. However, the current situation with Coronavirus is still a cause for concern. We had a meeting with the hotel this week and discussed a number of things relating to GridCon 2.

Firstly, we are currently still planning to go ahead with the event. The warmup event on Wed 24th – Thu 25th and then the main event on Fri 26th – Sun 28th. However, if the Covid situation changes before then, then there may be an impact on the event. None of us really know what the situation will be in November, nor what new Government guidelines will be put in place, so we will keep you updated.

However, it is very likely that we will have to run the event with some safety measures in place. Social distancing isn’t really feasible unless we reduce capacity to 50%, but to do so would require some kind of lottery on who gets to keep their tickets (we have already sold 200). None of us want to do this. We are however looking at what we are able to do to make the event as safe as possible.

  • None of this is final, but here are the things we are considering:
  • Proof of a negative lateral flow test on the first day of each event (Wednesday & Friday)*
  • Available Hand sanitiser
  • Reduced or no games library
  • A request that masks be worn when not sat at a table
  • No physical bring & buy (the online form will be available to arrange sales but there will be no area to leave games)
  • No charity raffle
  • Rooms closing a bit earlier (to allow for cleaning)

    * Our concern is that that proof of being double-vaccinated alone is not enough. We feel it is safer to test on the day of the event to help reduce the risk of someone attending GridCon while unknowinly having Covid.

Ultimately, even if we do everything we can to make it safer, the reality is that there is still an element of risk, and it is each individual’s responsibility to decide if they are happy with the risk of attending. 

We fully understand if someone is not comfortable attending the event, if this is you, please contact us as soon as possible and we can arrange for a refund of your tickets.

At the time of the event itself, if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend the event. You should instead follow the government’s guidance for self-isolating and contact us to request a refund for your tickets. 

Warmup days

We have currently sold approx 90 tickets to the warmup event (Wed & Thu) and there are still some tickets available.  If you want to attend these two days, please book your ticket now at www.gridcon.co.uk. Note that these days are being treated as a separate event. I.e., if you do not have a ticket for the main event, you can still attend the warmup days.

The hotel was keeping back all of the hotel rooms for GridCon attendees for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. These rooms will be released back to the hotel on Monday 27th September, so if you wanted a room at the Best Western itself for these days, please call them direct as soon as possible (tell them that you are a GridCon attendee).

It is unlikely at this stage that any more tickets will be made available for the main event. If people do cancel, we would feel more comfortable with reduced numbers, even if it means losing money on the event itself. Also, as a reminder, tickets are not transferable and there will be no tickets available on the door. If you do not have a ticket to the event, please do not attend.

We will keep you updated should there be any changes as we get closer to the event. We hope that you all understand the need for some of the requirements (such as proof of tests), however should anyone not feel comfortable with this we are more than happy to issue a refund for your tickets.

Update – May 2021

We are pleased to announce that GridCon 2 is planned to go ahead in November 2021, this event replaces the originally planned dates of June 2020, November 2020 and then later June 2021. To help make up for lost gaming time, we have decided to extend GridCon 2 to be a 5-day event!

GridCon 2 will now take place as a warmup event from 10am on Wednesday 24th November until Thursday 26th November and the Main event from Friday 27th November to 7pm on Sunday 28th November at the Best Western in Tiverton, Devon.

All tickets previously purchased will automatically be moved to the equivalent new dates e.g. an existing 3-day ticket will give you entry for 9am Friday to 7pm Sunday. If you would like to attend for the extra two days on Wednesday and Thursday, a ‘Warmup Ticket’ is now available for purchase (select ‘Buy Tickets’ from the above menu).

Note: The warmup ticket is only for the Wednesday and Thursday. You will need a normal 3-day ticket to attend the rest of the convention.

With regards to the hotel, all hotel rooms booked with the venue (Tiverton Best Western) have automatically been changed to the equivalent new dates.

What do you need to do?

If you already have tickets for GridCon 2, you still have tickets for GridCon 2, just as you did before – those tickets have been automatically carried forward to the new dates. However, if you cannot make the new dates, please email us at paul@gridcon.co.uk with the full details of your booking (your name, the email address you used to book, the dates you booked for, and how many tickets you wish to cancel). We will happily refund the payment.

If you would like to attend for the extra days of Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th November 2021, you can purchase a separate Warmup Ticket for these. These tickets will be made available soon.

Regarding the hotel. If you had a room booked at the venue itself (Best Western), that booking will be automatically transferred to the new dates with exactly the same arrangement as before (E.g. if you booked a twin room for Fri + Sat night, you still have a twin room for Fri + Sat night).

If you cannot make the new dates, please contact the hotel on 01884 256120 to cancel the room. They will deal with the refund.

If you would like to book with the Tiverton Best Western for additional days, please contact them on 01884 256120 and let them know that you are a GridCon attendee. Please note that if you try and book online using the hotel’s usual booking system, the rooms will show as unavailable as they have all been reserved for GridCon 2 guests.

If you had booked a room at somewhere other than the Best Western, you will need to contact them to make new arrangements.

IMPORTANT! GridCon is a ticketed event. You can only attend if you have booked a ticket in advance.

GridCon is an event focused on open gaming, so bring along your favourite games to play with like-minded gamers. There will also be an opportunity to try out new games, prototypes and meet some games designers.

What is happening at GridCon?

GridCon is all about boardgames, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to play some! Keep an eye on the GridCon facebook group for up to date news on the events taking place.


GamesLore will be present as the retailer for some of the event and you will be able to order games from them ahead of the event, for collection and to save on any delivery costs.


We hope to be able to provide a Games Library at GridCon 2, due to coronavirus this may be a reduced library from that we provided at GridCon 1.

Bring and Buy

Unlike at GridCon 1, we will be unable to provide a dedicated area for the Bring and Buy, this will enable us to make more room for gaming, which is important due to coronavirus. We will still have a Bring and Buy organiser spreadsheet available to arrange deals privately, but you will need to store your games for sale, ideally in your room or car.


We hope to invite along some designers for you to meet, play a game with, and maybe even try out their new prototypes.

Games Organiser

For those people who prefer to plan some games in advance, there will be a GridCon 2 games organiser to use to look at what games are planned, sign up, create your own, or book yourself into demos run by designers and publishers.

Paul’s Table

New to gaming? First convention? Or are you just nervous getting stuck in when you may not know many people? It is important for us that everyone feels that they can attend GridCon and that they are comfortable when they’re there.

For these reasons we will have ‘Paul’s Table’, where Paul Grogan will be available to teach some games to those needing a helping hand to break the ice. Paul loves teaching games and will get you started and help you to meet some other friendly faces.

How to attend?

GridCon 2 is a ticketed event. Please make sure that you purchase tickets prior to attending, and please bring details of your tickets with you. Due to coronavirus we will need to be particularly strict with regards to tickets, there will be none available on the door, and tickets are non-transferable. Please ensure you have your ticket details prior to attending the event. On booking your ticket, you would have received a paypal receipt, please bring a copy of this receipt with you (you can save a copy from your paypal account).

The Venue

About the venue: GridCon 2 will be held at Tiverton Best Western

Accommodation: The hotel has accommodation on site, but limited rooms, so be sure to book early if you want to stay on-site.

To book a room, please phone the hotel direct on 01884 256120.

Note: Please do NOT try to book online, as the rooms will not show as available.

Alternative accommodation is available. There are many other bed and breakfasts and hotels in the area.

Arriving by car: The hotel is off of Junction 27 of the M5 and follow signs to Tiverton. The postcode is EX16 4DB. There is free parking available on site, however you must register your car registration number with the hotel. Failure to do so will result in parking fines being issued, which neither we, nor the hotel are able to cancel.

Whilst the car park at the hotel is free for attendees, it is possible that it will fill up at peak periods, and we cannot guartantee a space for everyone. Therefore we ask that if you are staying in the local area and are within walking distance, please do not use the car park unless necessary. If you find that the car park is full on arrival, there is a small free car park across the road from the venue, there is also a multistorey car park in the town centre.

Terms and Conditions
Code of Conduct: GridCon